Fantasy football: Adding excitement to your Sunday

Originally published: Thursday 20 March 2014


Image for illustrative purposes on this blog only, and was not intended for publication. Image credit: ryan harvey/Flickr
Image for illustrative purposes on this blog only, and was not intended for publication. Image credit: ryan harvey/Flickr

On the surface, fantasy football appears to be just another game. Some people create teams, draft players, then don’t log in for the remainder of the season – others don’t event turn up for the draft. But not everyone is a casual player, some take it very seriously.

I would place myself somewhere in the middle of casual and serious. But what is most important to me is that playing fantasy football is fun. Since I began playing the game, it has given watching the NFL an added edge.

It has meant that my focus is not solely on the team I support and results related to them, but I have great interest in other games, simply because one or more of my fantasy players may be playing in it.

Fantasy football has also helped develop my knowledge of the game. It gives me impetus to keep up with many players and their stats, so that I can analyse the performance of my own fantasy team and others, and make changes and transactions where necessary.

Now I love Sunday evenings when NFL season is on, and even if fantasy football didn’t exist, I would love it all the same. But it is hard to deny that fantasy football makes Sundays, as well as Thursday and Monday nights that bit more exciting by offering up another level of competition.

As most games in the NFL calendar are played on a Sunday, it creates a whole evening of entertainment. I have the games on the television, fantasy football open on the laptop so that I can track the current performance of my players, food and drink on the table, usually nachos and beer, and a little low-risk, high-reward bet place with whichever bookmaker is offering the best odds that week; not that I am promoting gambling, of course.

If you don’t already play fantasy football and you’re an NFL fan, I urge you to give the game a go. It may appear to be a silly, little game, but I can assure you it is much more than that. If you don’t believe me, just ask Greg Jennings.


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